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Why Choose TotalEnergies

As one of the leading global solar technology owners and developers, TotalEnergies​ has the established financial credentials to deliver fully-integrated solutions, which are backed by structured legal arrangements and long-term warranties.

Our experience in the photovoltaic industry has led us to complete turnkey projects with uncompromised performance for governments, corporate entities and small and medium-enterprises.

To align with your renewable energy vision, we will provide you with a single point of contact to understand your energy strategy and consumption before providing you with our premium tailored on-site and off-site solar solutions.

Our professional teams offer expertise across the entire solar value chain and can work across diverse sectors such as agriculture, automobiles, education, healthcare, transport and real estate. Our goal is to deliver projects that align with your unique specifications anywhere in the world regardless of complexity.


A gloved hand on a solar panel of the photovoltaic power plant started up by ISE, TotalEnergies​ and SunPower in Nanao, Japan.


We offer solar solutions from design to commissioning as well as financing with simple monthly payments and no upfront investments.

Capitalise Unused Areas

Install our solar systems and turn your building rooftops, carports and land into a recurring source of cash flow.

Zero Investment

Benefit from our financing schemes and pay in simple monthly installments. Zero CAPEX and enjoy savings from year one.

Reduce Costs

Solar power costs less than traditional electricity prices by staying independent of market price fluctuations.

Commit to Environmental CSR

Choose TotalEnergies​ Solar Distributed Generation to send a powerful message of your environmental commitment to customers, employees and investors. Diversify your energy mix and reduce your environmental footprint.



Turnkey Solutions

TotalEnergies​ Solar Distributed Generation offers you fully-integrated and tailored solar solutions from design to commissioning. We have the experience and expertise to tackle any project anywhere in the world.



TotalEnergies​ Solar Strengths:

  • Financing solutions
  • Global expertise
  • Long-term partner
  • Operational excellence
  • Permanent presence
  • Professional team 

The future is in solar energy