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01/07/2020 News

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Solar Energy for Your Business in 2020

Renewable energy has become an increasingly in-demand source of power and has become increasingly more accessible and easier to install.The thought of choosing solar for your business has probably crossed your agenda at least once before...

This year, solar power has also gained traction in the Middle Eastand North Africa (MENA) region with the UAE being a front runner for PV systems in the region. By 2020, renewable energy reached an overall capacity of 23 Gigawatts (GWs) according to an analysis by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

So, if your business is still on the fence on going solar, here are five reasons why you should begin your energy transition with TotalEnergies Solar Distributed Generation Middle East:

1. No Initial Investment Payments

With TotalEnergies Solar Distributed Generation in the Middle East (TSDGME), your businesses do not have to worry about putting down any-payment towards installing solar panels. You will only pay for the energy your solar PV system will produce.

In fact, you don’t have to worry at all about spending for the operation or maintenance of the system or anything else. You will only have to pay monthly installments for the electricity that is produced by the solar PV system, once the project is finalized from our side.

2. Guaranteed Savings from Year One

Once the solar panel project is connected and in operation, your company will start to see financial savings from year one towards electricity monthly payment bills. Your solar powered system will help in reducing your utility bills and you will benefit financially immediately. Solar power is a more cost-effective source of energy compared to conventional electricity that will still be able to cover a large percentage of your company’s energy consumption needs!

3. All-inclusive Contract Including Maintenance, Operations, and More – A complete turnkey solution

As mentioned before, once you sign with TotalEnergies Solar Distributed Generation ME to have your business solarized, the installation, maintenance, and operation will be taken care of from our side. We deliver projects that promise reliability from day one, backed by long-term guarantees.

Our project managers will continue to monitor the sites during operation and make sure that the solar panels are kept clean and taken care of so that your company can have the best first experience when the project is finalized. You will haveone company looking after your installation and answerany questions you may have. Instead of having to find different vendors to fix various parts by yourself, TotalEnergies Solar Distributed Generation will be your single point of contact that will provide you with the best quality solutions.

4. Reduce Exposure to Electricity Price Fluctuations

Conventional electricity has the risk of fluctuating in prices following the global energy demand which is completely opposite to solar power which stays at a fixed rate. This gives your company the freedom to better forecast and manage operational expenditure without the fear of electricity price fluctuation.

Once your business goes solar, there is a fixed monthly payment rate that is reliable and does not have the risk of changing over the years.

5. Lower Carbon Footprint and Show Commitment Towards Environment

Solar panels harness energy from the sun and convert it to renewable energy that will reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in the environment.

When you make the choice to use solar energy as an alternative, you will see a decrease in carbon footprint emissions in your activities after the first year. Consumers and stakeholders will then be able to recognize and reward your company for choosing to operate more responsibly by making this step to go solar.

TotalEnergies has been present in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a major international energy company for 80 years. Pioneering activities in oil & gas in the UAE, TotalEnergies is one of the oldest partners of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).Today, we operate in diverse business segments: oil& gas, solar energy, lubricants, power, desalination, etc.


Having a high-country value, we contribute and support the UAE to lower carbon emissions in the energy mix though our solar activity and energy efficiency in our activities. We also lead community outreach initiatives in the country to promote environmental protection, education, culture and road safety.

Make the easy step towards using solar power for your business and become a contributor tothe region’s movement towards clean energy production.

Contact TotalEnergies Solar Distributed Generation today if you’re considering making the change of going solar and we will guide you towards this positive journey from A to Z.