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Opt for our tailor-made solution that adds value to you usued spaces 

Whether you choose our rooftop, carport, or ground-mounted solar installations, we provide turnkey services that help solar energy add value to your business. We assess unused spaces within your office buildings, retail premises, production plants warehouses, carparks and schools to create innovative solutions that generate additional value for your institution. Our all-inclusive services encompass design, commissioning, maintenance and monitoring for the entire lifetime of the system with financing options. TotalEnergies truly endorses a holistic approach as a major global renewable energy player.

Save money and reduce exposure to price fluctuation

Solar power cost less and it is not impacted by price fluctuations in the market.

Optimize your unused spaces

Turn unused or underutilized spaces (rooftop, carport, or ground) into savings.

CSR Commitment : reduction of your CO₂ emissions

Solar energy contributes significantly to reducing your carbon footprint


How do you benefit from Solar ?